Video Interpreting

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INTRAN’s Video Interpreting service offers you multi-platform remote access to British Sign Language or Foreign Language interpreters, using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

What is it?

When visual communication is essential, yet impractical or difficult to meet in person, Video interpreting enables all parties to see each other clearly to establish rapport and trust, without having to be in the same location. The ability to combine visual and non-verbal cues can be particularly critical for British Sign Language users, who rely on visual means of communicating to express themselves.

The benefit of INTRAN’s Video Interpreting service is that the interpreter, and in some cases the client, do not need to travel. Secure and compliant with UK legislation, this efficient service gives you access by appointment or on demand to highly skilled professional interpreters and hundreds of languages and dialects, many which are rare and hard to source.

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Why is it useful?

Visual support without having to be in the same place

Communication for All

Improve understanding by picking up body language, facial expressions and non-verbal cues

Sharing knowledge

Easy access to hundreds of languages and dialects, including 'rare' ones

Value for money

Prevent delays and save money by eliminating travel time and costs

Working together for better results

Fast and accurate remote communication when visual cues matter

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    Physical assessments and reviews/showing techniques

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    Paediatric appointments and consultations

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    Regular wellbeing checks

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    Engagement with Asylum seekers and refugees

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    Voluntary sector advice

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    When a BSL interpreter has not been booked for an appointment or in an emergency situation

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    Audiology department check-up appointments


    The video service we get through INTRAN is very flexible, It has all the advantages of a face-to-face interpreter: body language, the ability to see and establish empathy and proximity. One Sudanese Arabic client told me that he liked to see the interpreter’s lips. He explained that with Arabic, there are always variations, and being able to see body language helps understanding.

    B.H (Service Manager)
    Bridge Plus+, Norfolk
  • INTRAN - Communication for all

    Video interpreting has worked very well. Interpreters always on time, professional and friendly.

    NHS patient

    The team who look after our unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC) have a high need to access rare languages. The extension of the INTRAN framework to include video interpreting has provided an opportunity for this team to pilot access to interpreters via video link.

    Suffolk County Council

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