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High quality, value for money and GDPR-compliant translation services, giving you access to translators who are experienced, specialised and bound to a strict code of ethics.

What is it?

Written Translation is the conversion of written text to communicate the same meaning in another language – usually from English into another language, or from another language into English. It is particularly useful for translating leaflets, agreements, reports, forms, posters and websites. During the pandemic, Written Translation has become essential to ensure clear messaging for public health campaigns.   

Accuracy is vital for Written Translation, as a wrongly chosen word can cause serious misunderstandings and confusion. To ensure accuracy, INTRAN uses professional human translators, not machines, or people who happen to speak another language. All are experts in their field, specialised in specific public sector domains, and supported by project managers who are able to react instantly to your needs, large and small.

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Why is it useful?

Clear messaging with the written word

Communication for all

Ensure everyone understands the meaning of text.

Sharing Knowledge

Keep the community up to date with essential information.

Value for money

Professional public sector translations, fast turnaround and cost-saving measures to give you best value.

Working together for better results

Reach your audiences quickly to increase awareness and reduce demand for public services.

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    Public health pandemic campaign posters and guidance

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    Targeted communications to local employers with high level Covid–19 cases

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    Child protection reports

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    Consent forms

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    Instructional leaflets

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    Pre- or post-operative information

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    Appointment letters

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    Scripts to be recorded

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    Website content


    We recently used the INTRAN service to translate some important written information into Romanian. They were very prompt with their responses, which meant we could avoid unnecessary delays in the discharge planning process.

    Staff member
    Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust

    Our use of INTRAN services over the past two years to communicate to all in our communities has further deepened our conviction that translation and interpretation services save lives.

    Norfolk County Council

    Excellent, many thanks again and I confirm safe receipt of the translated order and statement. (…) May I say we are very impressed by the quick turn-around and have your services in mind for another matter we are due to issue by next week.

    Sebastian Teterra
    Norfolk County Council

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