Telephone Interpreting

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INTRAN's Telephone Interpreting service is an easy way to engage with your clients wherever they are, whenever they need you, and whatever language they speak.

What is it?

In all walks of life, telephone interpreting removes language barriers and prevents delays, making access to public services as quick as it is for native English speakers. In emergency medical or safeguarding situations, immediate access to telephone interpreters can save lives. 

We give you access to hundreds of languages and dialects within seconds, without the need to pre-book, helping you quickly establish mutual understanding with your service users. Our Telephone Interpreting service is efficient, secure, compliant with UK legislation and excellent value for money.

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Why is it useful?

Instant access to an interpreter who speaks the language you need

Communication for all

Ensure everyone has equal access to essential services.

Sharing knowledge

Enable you, your staff and service users to understand each other clearly.

Value for money

Quality and responsiveness at highly competitive rates, with no minimum time or usage fee.

Working together for better results

Responsive, accurate interpreting from trained, qualified and vetted professionals.

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    Home visits

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    Discussion with parents about their child

  • buildingIcon.svg

    Tenant visits

  • telephone.svg

    Emergency helplines

  • holdingHandsIcon.svg

    Asylum seekers and refugees new arrivals

  • checklistIcon.svg

    Trading standards visits

  • networkIcon.svg

    Voluntary sector advice

  • healthIconV2.svg

    NHS patient consultations

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    Road accidents

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    Call centres (Council Tax and Housing Benefits)


    “The INTRAN telephone interpreting service has provided much more flexibility. The option of arranging a three-way telephone conversation has been very helpful.”

    J.W (Information and Advice Manager)
    Age UK Norwich

    The INTRAN service has helped me to engage with a large amount of people during a very difficult time. Every time I have used the service the interpreter has been very patient, as most of my calls have lasted over an hour, and some of the information that I need to obtain can be quite personal and sensitive. The system works really well – there is never a long wait for an interpreter.

    B. (Rough Sleeper Co-ordinator)
    Breckland Council
  • INTRAN - Communication for all

    Telephone interpreting is definitely working for me. Without a doubt. I wouldn’t be able to do my job without it. It is as simple as that. How could I get them to sign a consent form which enables me to do things like call the doctor on their behalf or go to the council with them? They must know what they are signing. That’s a basic human right, surely?

    K. (Specialist Support Worker)
    City Reach, Norwich

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