Staff Training

Increasing awareness to deliver better outcomes


Deliver safer and more efficient practices when engaging with people requiring language support.

What is it?

There are hundreds of languages spoken in the UK, so it is part of the daily reality of public and voluntary sector workers to interact with speakers of other language including British Sign Language.

With over 20 years of experience at designing and delivering 'working with interpreters' training courses for our members, we've helped many staff deliver more equitable services and increase service user satisfaction.

Whatever your sector of expertise, we deliver courses that are designed to meet the needs of our members.

We're also actively involved in 'accessibility projects' requiring the development and delivery of bespoke training courses, such as the London hospitals' maternity departments (EELGA project) at the moment.


Why is it useful?

Enabling inclusive communication for all

Gaining confidence

Clear understanding between English and non-English speakers.

Saving time and money

Selecting the right service for the right outcome.

Doing your job well and once

You're in control. You know how to.

Delivering your duty of care

Whatever the language and your clients/patients' needs, you are able to deliver your best service without delays.

  • INTRAN - Communication for all

    The training was high-energy and thought-provoking throughout, using practical and highly relevant real-life examples of where an interpreter would make a difference to the service we provide, as well as giving us some strategies for communicating effectively. with someone with limited English.

    Course participant
  • INTRAN - Communication for all

    The training session was extremely well organised and paced. The different teaching and learning activities kept participants enthused and motivated. The role plays were also excellent. They were well managed and created a lot of discussion amongst the group. I really like the fact that participants were invited to join in the role plays – it made them very realistic. The simulation of interpreting sessions are very powerful and effective.

    Project external verifier
  • INTRAN - Communication for all

    Very interesting course, worth attending as there is more to INTRAN than I understood before the course.

    Course participant, Local authority
  • INTRAN - Communication for all

    I have been a nurse for ten years, this is the first time I have had any training on this subject. I have found the training interesting, educational and believe it will enhance my practice/cultural awareness.

    Course participant, health
  • INTRAN - Communication for all

    This training course should be offered through Trust training possibly even mandatory through inductions so staff can offer service more effectively.

    Course participant, NHS hospital trust

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