Face to Face Interpreting

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INTRAN’s Face-to-Face Interpreters will attend your meeting in person, to enable responsive and accurate communication between English and non-English speakers. Our experience is unmatched, and we aim to provide local interpreters where possible.

What is it?

There are situations where there is no substitute for having an interpreter physically present. It enables them to pick up the non-verbal cues that can make all the difference to clear communication. It also provides a personal approach in meetings which are complex, highly sensitive or in regulated settings – and when dealing with vulnerable people or children. A minimum of three people will be present in the same room; you, your client and the interpreter.

The quality of INTRAN’s Face-To-Face Interpreters is second to none. All are specialists in the public sector, DPSI qualified or equivalent, and bound by a strict Code of Ethics. You will typically be assigned a local interpreter, and have timely access in emergency situations.

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Why is it useful?

Helping you to provide the personal approach

Communication for All

Clear understanding between English and non-English speakers.

Sharing knowledge

Enable a genuine two-way dialogue for better outcomes

Value for Money

Unmatched local interpreters experienced in public sector settings

Working together for better results

Make sure everyone can access essential services

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    NHS appointments requiring patient consent

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    Perinatal appointments

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    Mental Health assessments

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    Safeguarding meetings

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    Working with vulnerable adults

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    Parent evening meetings

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    Child in Care reviews

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    Housing advice interviews

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    Age and Health Assessments for Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children

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    Child Protection conferences

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    Interviews under PACE

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    Providing legal advice

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    Telling bad news


    The INTRAN service has helped me to engage with a large amount of people during a very difficult time. Every time I have used the service the interpreter has been very patient, as most of my calls have lasted over an hour, and some of the information that I need to obtain can be quite personal and sensitive. The system works really well – there is never a long wait for an interpreter.

    B. (Rough Sleeper Co-ordinator)
    Breckland Council
  • INTRAN - Communication for all

    Interpreting is a rewarding job, especially when clients are happy. ‘I once interpreted for a lady who was going to have a colorectal endoscopy. Beforehand, she was petrified, and begged the doctor to put her to sleep. I cannot imagine what it would have been like for her if she had not been able to speak in her own language.

    Bulgarian Interpreter
  • INTRAN - Communication for all

    With the reassurance I have access to a professional Interpreter 24 hours a day, I know that I can communicate with a vulnerable victim quickly and effectively and offer appropriate support.

    Domestic Violence Advocacy worker

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