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INTRAN’s BSL Interpreting service supports the 11 million Deaf or hard of hearing people in the UK, including the 150,000+ people who use BSL as their preferred language – enabling you to communicate successfully with your clients.

What is it?

BSL is the main language used by Deaf or hard of hearing people in the UK and is a visual method of communication that relies on hand signs, facial expressions and body language to convey meaning. Despite common misconceptions, BSL is not an alternative version of English, but a unique language in itself. In 2022, the British Sign Language Act 2022 was passed. The Act requires public organisations and government departments to abide by new guidance which detail how these organisations must meet the needs of BSL users.

BSL is a complex language, having its own independent grammar and syntax, subject to regional dialects, and it takes approximately seven years training to become fully proficient and qualified. INTRAN’s Level 6 Registered BSL/English Interpreters are highly specialised to ensure understanding and accuracy within a wide range of public sector contexts. You can access them on appointment 24/7, 365 days a year, and we aim to provide local interpreters where possible.


Why is it useful?

Using hands, face and body to convey meaning

Communication for all

Enable the Deaf and hard of hearing in your community to access your services.

Sharing knowledge

Enable a genuine two-way dialogue for better outcomes.

Value for money

Ensure you receive the best service every time.

Working together for better results

Make sure everyone can access services that meet their needs.

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    NHS appointments: GP, hospital, dentist, optician, physiotherapist

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    Perinatal care

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    Council meetings and appointments

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    Parent/ teacher school meetings

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    Safeguarding meetings

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    Housing advice interviews

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    Council services

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    Legal advice

  • INTRAN - Communication for all

    With INTRAN, deaf people are able to be more independent and don’t have to rely on their family to interpret. And the interpreters we get are fully qualified interpreters and are used to our local ways of signing. They make sure everyone understands what was said. I prefer having a female interpreter for my medical appointments, and this is what I get.

    BSL Service User

    I always sing the praises of the INTRAN service; this time was the same. Great service, great interpreter. It is lovely to have a service that you can rely on to be amazing every time. The service was seamless, and the British Sign Language interpreter was of a very high standard.

    Member of Staff
    Hertfordshire County Council

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