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INTRAN’s Braille Transcription service can help you communicate effectively with the estimated 10-30,000 Braille users in the UK, by converting your documents into the UK Standard Unified English Braille.

What is it?

Braille is a tactile code read by many blind or partially sighted people. It uses an alphabet composed of a series of raised dots, which people read using their fingertips. Braille requires a special printing process and can be printed onto paper, card, plastic and metal.

With INTRAN’s Braille Transcription service you can convert a wide range of documents into Braille. These include medical reports, letters, legal documents, minutes from meetings, brochures, application forms and much more. We offer a fast turnaround and a completely secure service.


Why is it useful?

Communication at your fingertips

Communication for all

Reach out to the blind and partially sighted.

Sharing knowledge

Enable access to information.

Value for money

Convert any document affordably and securely.

Working together for better results

Make an impact and improve outcomes.

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    Medical reports

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    Legal documents

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    Minutes of meetings

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    Applications and forms

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