Voluntary Sector

Listening to our communities to form relationships through closer understanding.

Increasing demand has intensified essential service needs, underlining the importance of relevant information, advice and signposting. Professional interpreting and translation services can help you achieve equitable access to appropriate information.

INTRAN is the largest Public and Third Sector Interpretation and Translation Partnership operating throughout the East of England.


INTRAN can help Voluntary Sector and Charity organisations complement advice and support, making sure you communicate in a language people understand.


Enabling Communities

Clear communication allows people to interact with greater confidence and ultimately creates a deeper sense of independence. Access to information in a language people understand helps local communities to feel connected and informed.


Working with the Voluntary Sector

INTRAN can help you work closely with those of vulnerable needs to ensure appropriate support and advice is offered to provide awareness, confidence and security.

Read further to see how communicating in a language people understand can reduce risk through advocacy of local rights and a recognition of legal responsibility.

Access language professionals to help communities feel connected and informed.

With reliable language support arrangements in place, third sector organisations can make sure people know about the services available to them, understand their rights to access, and have the proper support to achieve or resolve. No one should feel disconnected on the basis of language, and active engagement can be encouraged with hard-to-reach individuals or groups.

INTRAN can give your organisation the solutions you need to access interpreters quickly and effectively – whenever you need them – enabling you to translate information about your services in the languages spoken in your local communities.


Designed Services

INTRAN are East of England specialists and work in partnership with public authority organisations to provide consolidated, high quality services.


INTRAN have over 20 years’ experience providing quality interpreters and translators in Voluntary Sector and Charity settings, to help support the cause for all public sector organisations.


INTRAN offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week coverage, to over 400 languages and dialects.


Bookings can be made by appointment, or are available on demand when using our telephone and video remote services.


INTRAN promote quality and can assure you access to confidential, vetted interpreters and translators bound to a strict professional Code of Practice


    Voluntary organisations need good-quality interpreting and translation so they can understand their clients’ issues and communicate their advice. Working with INTRAN has enabled us to engage much more closely with the statutory sector, to show how we can help prevent long-term problems with timely advice.

    Voluntary Sector Champion

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