Local Government

Connecting the communities of County, District, Borough and City Councils.

From the simplicity of explaining the council tax bill, to the critical demands of early intervention and safeguarding, fair access is vital to provide correct information. Building community understanding supports your duty of care and strengthens engagement with those most vulnerable.

INTRAN is the largest Public and Third Sector Interpretation and Translation Partnership operating throughout the East of England.


INTRAN can help you reduce risks, and save preventable costs, by enabling your diverse communities equitable access to high quality language services.

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Stronger United Communities

Clear communication allows people to interact with greater confidence, improving compliance and ultimately creating a deeper sense of belonging and independence.


Working with the Local Government Sector

INTRAN can help you establish trust in the community through delivery of appropriate language engagement to support best local service.

Read further to see how communicating in a language people understand develops inclusivity and encourages relationships to benefit the vulnerable and those in need.

Provide high quality interpretation and translation to improve local understanding.

Lack of understanding increases anxiety, fear and helplessness. The number of refugees relocated to the UK due to crises in Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine has underlined the need for services and information that is accessible to everyone, helping them to feel safe, understood and part of the community.

INTRAN’s professional interpreters and translators can help you communicate with everyone in a language they understand, deliver your best service, protect people from harm and increase trust and satisfaction in the community.


Designed Services

INTRAN are East of England specialists and work in partnership with public authority organisations to provide consolidated, high quality services.


INTRAN have over 20 years’ experience providing quality interpreters and translators in Local Government and Community Settings.


INTRAN offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week coverage, to over 400 languages and dialects.


Bookings can be made by appointment, or are available on demand when using our telephone and video remote services.


INTRAN promote quality and can assure you access to confidential, vetted interpreters and translators bound to a strict professional Code of Practice


    Being an INTRAN partner ensures that our services are accessible to all our citizens, including those who are hard of hearing, have impaired vision and/or people for whom English is not their first language.

    H.B (Customer Contracts Manager)
    Norwich City Council

    We work with many clients who do not speak English, including victims of domestic abuse, modern slavery, human trafficking or honour-based abuse who need sensitive and confidential support. INTRAN interpreters are vital in supporting us to engage with clients and enable us to achieve the best possible outcomes.

    S.S (Service Manager - People From Abroad)
    Norfolk County Council

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