Clear understanding provides an environment where all young people can develop to their fullest potential.

Engaging in all the critical moments of a child’s development creates opportunities to ensure no one is left behind. INTRAN provides teachers, parents and carers the communication tools to understand pupils and make a difference to their future.

INTRAN is the largest Public and Third Sector Interpretation and Translation Partnership operating throughout the East of England.


INTRAN can help you properly engage pupils, parents or carers to support educational needs, improve learning experiences and protect safeguarding standards.


Better Learning Outcomes

Through mutual support and better understanding, children can build self-esteem, confidence and feel safe and happy at school. Use of interpreters to engage with parents will help you have the information you need, and enable parents to engage with their children’s education and development.


Working with the Education Sector

INTRAN can help you structure educational needs to offer the same advantages and fulfil every child's individual prospects.

Read further to see how communicating with your pupils, parents or carers in a language they understand can reduce risk and enable pupils to achieve their fullest potential.

Provide high quality interpretation and translation to support your educational challenges

There are many contexts in which you may need to communicate with a pupil, or parents and carers, in a language they understand - for example, when choosing a school, attending parents’ evenings, discussing a child’s development or areas of concern, or to contact them to ensure they can access essential information.

With INTRAN’s interpreters and translators, everyone understands. You will have all the information you need to identify challenges and make informed decisions, and be able help parents and carers to realise their child’s educational needs and priorities.


Designed Services

INTRAN are East of England specialists and work in partnership with public authority organisations to provide consolidated, high quality services.


INTRAN have over 20 years’ experience providing quality interpreters and translators in educational settings, both Local Authority and Multi-Academy Trusts.


INTRAN offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week coverage, to over 400 languages and dialects.


Bookings can be made by appointment, or are available on demand when using our telephone and video remote services.


INTRAN promote quality and can assure you access to confidential, vetted interpreters and translators bound to a strict professional Code of Practice


    Our staff have been calling children in their classes weekly since lockdown began – they have been able to chat to children in the language they feel most comfortable in and make contact with parents too. It has transformed our capacity to communicate with all our school community, with particular impact on our most vulnerable EAL parents, including our Syrian refugee families.

    A.C (Headteacher)
    Nelson Infant School

    We have had nothing but an excellent service from INTRAN. They have always provided us with an interpreter when requested, and they have always been punctual, flexible and highly professional, even when discussing some very delicate matters. I would highly recommend them.

    Teacher, Sewell Park Academy
    Broad Horizons Education Trust

    Using interpreting services is an invaluable part of our work with the Afghan and Syrian refugee resettlement programmes. To facilitate children’s educational placements, we need to translate important admissions documents and policies to parents, find out any essential health/SEN issues and allow parents to ask questions or express concerns. Access to INTRAN is quick and easy, and schools are always so grateful that they will be able to ensure effective communication with parents and carers.

    T.I (EAL/BAME Team Manager – Inclusion and Opportunity)
    Norfolk County Council

    I have used INTRAN via phone and in person and have found both services to be professional and efficient. During safeguarding meetings, INTRAN interpreters have remained calm and enabled the process to continue without interrupting the flow of discussion. Until I worked with INTRAN, I hadn’t used an interpreting service. I was very pleasantly put at ease and could concentrate more fully on the job at hand.

    Teacher (Wensum Junior School)
    The Evolution Trust

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