Criminal Justice

Proper representation ensures legal procedures are met and fair justice is achieved.

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With pressure on the Criminal Justice System to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour, build safer communities and ensure fair access to justice, INTRAN understands what it takes to support a lawful interpretation and translation responsibility.

INTRAN is the largest Public and Third Sector Interpretation and Translation Partnership operating throughout the East of England.


INTRAN can help you provide critical support to protect communities and deliver justice for all, with access to appropriately qualified or NPPV3 security-cleared interpreters.


Rights to Interpretation

The right to an interpreter and translation is an integral part of common law, which states that the defendant must be able to understand the charges made against them and be properly able to defend themselves.

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Working with the Criminal Justice Sector

INTRAN can help you communicate for fair justice, to observe legal duties and ensure proper process is achieved to safeguard individuals’ rights.

Read further to see how communicating in a language witnesses, defendants or suspects understand can oversee equal justice rights and support the legal process.

Build safer communities through managed reduction of criminal activity and access to fair justice.

Professional interpreters contribute to fair justice and protect human rights.

With many years of experience of working with the police and probation services, INTRAN understands the critical importance of accuracy and impartiality to ensure fair justice.

We provide you with interpreters who are experienced and qualified to work in this sector, and work strictly with those degree qualified, or preferably who are DPSI (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting) and DPI (Diploma in Police Interpreting) registered and, where appropriate, hold current NPPV3 Security Clearance.


Designed Services

INTRAN are East of England specialists and work in partnership with public authority organisations to provide consolidated, high quality services.


INTRAN have over 20 years experience providing quality interpreters and translators in Criminal Justice Settings


INTRAN offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week coverage, to over 400 languages and dialects.


Bookings can be made by appointment, or are available on demand when using our telephone and video remote services.


INTRAN promote quality and can assure you access to confidential, vetted interpreters and translators bound to a strict professional Code of Practice

  • INTRAN - Communication for all

    INTRAN provides highly qualified and cost-effective interpreting and translation services that allow partner agencies to understand the community better, and meet emerging needs as the community becomes more diverse.

    CRC Champion
    Probation Service
  • INTRAN - Communication for all

    Quality, standardised interpreting and translation services are critical for criminal justice agencies, which have a legal duty to ensure victims, witnesses and offenders have fair access to justice.

    Equality and Diversity Manager
    Police Force

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