INTRAN is a multi-agency partnership that exists to help its members overcome language barriers, and to champion equitable access to public information and services.


Our History

INTRAN began in 2000 with a handful of Norfolk-based public sector organisations who wanted to make a change and combat local accessibility challenges. They were concerned that people who were Deaf, or who did not speak English fluently, often did not have access to public services – except in serious or emergency situations.

INTRAN has worked closely with the public sector to overcome these challenges, developing a range of high quality interpreting and translation services to attract a diverse public membership, and enable them to communicate effectively with local communities, clients and patients.

The services INTRAN has put in place in Norfolk are now available throughout the East of England, and we have continued to expand into the East Midlands and South-East of England. INTRAN is now the largest interpreting and translation partnership in the country.

Our Values


Communication for All

We believe that everyone has the right to express their needs and understand which services they can use, how they can use them and what options they have.
Where we work

Public-facing organisations operating in the East of England, East Midlands and South of England can access INTRAN services and may be able to do so once they have registered with INTRAN and become a member. Find out more.

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